Harnessing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, the same technology used in professional clinics and salons by dermatologists, i-LIGHT® Pro+ Face & Body is clinically proven to remove hair safely and effectively. The intense pulses of light gently disable the hair follicle and prevent hair regrowth for salon permanent results at home.*

Dermatologist recommended, it’s gentle to the skin, plus the integrated skin sensor helps ensure only suitable skin tones are treated.

Hair follicle is disabled beneath the skin

Treatment is easy! Just shave the area to be treated and gently glide the hand device over your skin. Retreat every 2 weeks for 3 treatments and you'll have fabulous permanent results.* i-LIGHT® Pro+ Face & Body is corded and ready to use conveniently in the privacy of your own home. The system can be used to achieve permanent hair removal* on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, chest and shoulders. With the facial attachment, the device can also be used on the face (female use only, below the cheekbone).

What to expect from i-LIGHT PRO+
Most users will begin to notice fewer hairs a few weeks after beginning treatment. A few days after the first treatment you may start to notice hair has fallen out. Some hair growth will occur that is less dense, finer and lighter in colour than the original hair. This regrowth is perfectly normal and should be expected.

Is i-LIGHT PRO+ for me?
Check the hair and skin colour chart to see if i-LIGHT® Pro+ Face & Body is right for you:

Hair Colour:

Skin Colour:

Medical Professionals Agree

"i-LIGHT® uses the same advanced IPL technology used in clinics and salons by dermatologists and medical professionals like myself.

It is simple to use, gentle to the skin, and clinically proven to remove hair safely and effectively with long-lasting results"

Dr Barbara Kubicka
Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

New Zealand
Remington i-LIGHT PRO+ Face & Body IPL IPL6500AU reviews

*Individual results vary. In clinical trials on the body, treatment sites showed up to 94.3% fewer hairs twelve months after just 4 weeks of treatment (3 treatments each 2 weeks apart). Similar results observed from professional hair removal devices.


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